It’s 1859 and in the heart of old New York is Cherry House, named after its proprietress, Miss Cherry. A proud and free African American entrepreneur in misogynistic, racist pre-Civil war America, Miss Cherry’s business is booming and life is good. Or so she thinks. Trouble comes to town when a Southern lowlife attacks one of Cherry House’s ladies, a runaway freed slave wanted for murder. Miss Cherry’s remarkable ability to navigate a hostile world is put to the test when she’s faced with backlash from the law, threats from a greedy bounty hunter and losing the man she loves by risking everything to do the right thing.  


It's 1959. During a swinger's holiday gathering, caterer Amanda Parker is compelled to confront one of the guests -Amber Honeycutt, with whom she shares a sordid past. This chance meeting is the catalyst that unravels the web of secrets, lies, racism, and sexuality in the South. They inherited these from their mothers before them. Therefore, they influenced the women they had grown up to become.

CSE & WOW CAFE 2019 


"A Beautiful Color" 

Hilah Hadaway as RUTH, Giselle Samson as LIZBETH and Luigi Scorcia as SCHAFFER 

Two worlds collide when an interior designer from New York City steps into the deep seated customs of Georgia during the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement 1954.

Beverly Daniels recalls her scandalous moments as a Hollywood starlet and a Mobster's girlfriend in this over the top musical comedy. 

It's Harlem in the 1960’s, and two sisters struggle with what Mama wants for them in life, and what they want for themselves. 

 In the make believe land of Tardon, the Breuts (horned beast creatures) and the human Saburs reenact a classic Romeo and Juliet love story. These two Royal Houses face murder, betrayal and hostilities before peace is resolved on the eve of their unification conference. 

This modern day sexy and provocative dark comedy reveals a day in the life of Danny Tucker. Unable to complete his latest novel, Danny’s increased dependency on vices to spark his fading imagination leads to drastic consequences. Besides having an affair with the publisher’s daughter, he interacts with a hustler, a prostitute and a world renowned model which ends in tragedy. It’s a hilarious and twisted comedy that will keep you on edge.